Toronto, Accordion City

So Bare is on our way to Toronto this evening for the Toronto Improv Festival. International Festival, excuse me (I had to dig out my passport and everything). We're excited to see old friends and to meet new ones, etc. etc. But the real news is that Joey "Accordion Guy" deVilla will be accompanying us. On, you know, his accordion.

This is certainly not the first time we've worked with an accordion player. Jose Hirohito and his All-Girl Orchestra was built around Liz's accordion (which is actually my dad's old accordion -- he took lessons as a kid). Which is why we're so excited. Nothing says "good times" like an accordion. And improv.

Saturday night the NVP will be in town and Shaun and I will be running their tech. And then I'll be part of the "Jamboree Rock-Star Jam". Woo-oo.