Toronto - Sunday

Java HouseSunday was our first real chance to relax in Toronto. Our hotel was on Queen Street downtown, so we walked over to Java House for breakfast (hmmm... stuffed french toast). I've now eaten at Java House every time I've been in Toronto, which has to count for something.

Fluevog IvanOn the way home we shopped and shopped in all the Queen West hipster shops. I stocked up on Lush, of course. Fluevog had a sale going on and I ended up getting three pairs of shoes. I wore my new burgundy and rust Ivans to the shows that night, because no one else would have shoes like that, eh? Well, no one but Stacey and Phil of Big Belly who both have pairs. And Phil was wearing his, too. The search for an original life is difficult.

So, the shows that night were great, partially, I'm sure, because it was nice to finally be able to just sit back and enjoy someone else's show. By bouncing back and forth between the two stages I got to see All Jane No Dick (with special guest Zabeth Russell!) and Adrienne Frost's Wonderworm and Slap Happy (with special guest DJ!) and Dual Exhaust and goga and Jill Bernard's Drum Machine and Plain Cake Donuts (with special guests Zach Ward and Anthony LeBlanc!) and Big Belly (with special guests those shoes!). Whew. Then more dancing all night long in the Cabaret.

Sleep. Bus. Ticket troubles. (I shake my fist at you, Air Canada.) Finally, home.