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The paying audience was still light last night (by my count - 3 non-performers) but Bare (that is, we) had a fun time last night at the Bird's Nest Bar. We were pretty vulgar and a little too standy-around-talky, but we had plenty of energy (which I was worried about because I seem to be coming down with a cold or something). Oh, and you wanna know too much information? In the middle of our first scene a big chunk of earwax dislodged in my right ear and was rattling around and I was afraid that it was going to be bouncing around in there for the whole show and would really throw me off. But I barely had time to work up a good worry about it and it flew right out of my ear. Hooray.

And here's a bit I threw in for Erica (who was one of the three audience members) that no one else seemed to catch -- Shaun asked in a scene if he was hallucinating or if I had a bird on my shoulder. "You're not hallucinating," I said, "that's Flip." Get it? Flip. The Bird. Flip the bird? That was Erica's parakeet who recently passed away. RIP Flip.

And Dan and I went to the Bird's Nest straight after work so I had plenty of time to eat an order of their excellent wings. On the recommendation of the only-guy-at-the-bar-when-we-got-there I tried mixing the hot and teriyaki sauces. It was, as promised, tasty.