Ben & Emily's Wedding

Paper Crane and the Couple

Over the weekend Erica and I got to attend our friends Ben and Emily's wedding. I've known Ben for years and he's often "chill" or "in a good mood" or "happy", but Saturday he was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire day. It was so good to see two people so thrilled to get married.

12th Anniversary

A fun thing I'd never seen at a wedding before were the table numbers. Each table's number sign was an envelope with a blank book inside and they asked everyone to leave a message for the couple that they'd open on their Nth anniversary.

First Dance in a Glowing Perimeter of Love

Also on each table were glowstick necklaces. Emily explained that on the day she and Ben met, she had been to a relative's birthday party and came away with a surplus of glowstick necklaces. Later that evening, when she ended up by chance at Ben's birthday part, Ben spent a lot of time taking photos of her playing with the necklaces and it was part of what started them talking.

After we'd heard this explanation, one of the women at our table, Ruby, hit upon the idea of joining dozens of the necklaces to surround the entire room in a "perimeter of love". She conspired with Erica and Seth, the MC, to construct the ring and then surprise the couple with it just before their first dance. I was a bit nervous, because it definitely had the potential to be disruptive to Ben and Emily's evening, but I really think it came off and I hope Ben and Emily enjoyed it.

Photographer Sarah Jane Rhee

Hey look! It's our friend Sarah-Ji being all official wedding photographer.

Cutting the Wedding Pie

Ben and Emily didn't have a wedding cake, they had wedding pie. Swoon! I think they might have been Hoosier Mama pies, but I'm not 100%.