Big Weekend

I hope your three-day weekend has been awesome. Mine has been pretty cool—my brother is in town on his way back through from Hawaii and we’re doing some important hanging out and such. But this is also something of an epic weekend, with a bunch of beginnings and endings going on.

  • Tonight at ComedySportz is the finale of Season 8 of Impress These Apes. It’s been a great eight weeks, with tons of great performances from everyone. Will anyone be able to knock Trevor off his first place perch? (Probably not.) After last week’s drama, will Steven even show up? (Probably.) Will Cruise Director and Stewart the Steward have to go back to the deserted island? (Narrative is not this show’s strong suit.)
  • It’s not like I’ve been sitting around all summer, but after Grandma’s Marathon in June, I’ve been more swim and bike focussed—I hadn’t gone more than 6 miles in any one run since then. Yesterday I got out for a 12 miler, which puts me back on track for my goal in six weeks.
  • I’ve long followed a general principle here of “don’t blog about work”. But tomorrow I start co-teaching a class at Columbia College called “Blogging: Beyond the Basics”. So, for the next 15 weeks it seems like it will be at least a little appropriate to blog a bit about what we’re blogging about.