Dream State

White Glove on Green Background

If I’m chewing on an artistic or technical problem late at night, I’ll go to bed and then toss and turn and keep half-waking up and mulling over the problem and possible solutions. One in ten times this happens, I’ll wake up with a great solution to the problem, fully realized. More often, however, it goes like it did last night. I went to bed thinking about how exactly to edit the opening to a new Blewt variety show we just filmed. Around 3am (I checked the clock, thinking it was almost morning) I started to think that a puppet or animated cotton work glove would be a great mascot for the show (let me be clear, the show has nothing to do with gloves and none appear in the show). Over the rest of the night, in this dream state, I worked out an entire mechanism for building a wireframe inside a glove, propping it up in front of a green screen, and then stop-motion animating it. In the morning, I realized that a) I’d re-invented the Hamburger Helper glove and b) that this was the dumbest idea ever in the history of ever.