How much I hate Xbox Live Customer Service


Lots and lots.

Forty minutes on hold just to talk to someone (you can't cancel online). Unlike the "dude, our computers are down" guy, the CSR I got today noted that my account had been in "arrears" for over 60 days, so I couldn't get a refund. I asked to talk to a supervisor and after 20 minutes on hold got kicked back to the same rep. "An issue" was preventing me from being connected to a supervisor and I could call back later and ask to talk to a supervisor. I told her that they'd won and it was worth $50 to me at this point not to be on hold any more. So I paid up just so I could cancel my account.

I paid $50 to cancel my account. Let's all ponder that ridiculous statement for a moment.

I think this just made my decision for me about ever getting an Xbox 360.