Looking Back: 2012 in Numbers

Alright, it’s taken me a week into 2013 to get this all in order, but through the magic of editing-the-date-field, these will all be filed away in with 2012. It’ll just look like I had a really busy December 31.

In 2012 I did:

  • 11 comedy shows
  • 1 storytelling show

for a total of 12 shows. The least in one year since I started performing.

I also read 28 books, saw 27 movies, and played 16 video games all the way through.

Shows, books, and movies are all way down from last year. And the big reason is the next paragraph.

I ran 525 miles, biked 258 miles, and swam 28 miles and completed 22 races, including the Chicago Triathlon Triple Challenge and a 15K in Istanbul.

I posted 671 photos on Flickr, posted 330 tweets, and made 177 blog posts here at FuzzyCo, 50 posts at Four Squirrels, 47 at Push Butt, 14 at Chicago Flag Tattoos, and 13 at the The Unnamed, Mostly-Chicago Race Review Podcast.

Numbers from 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.