Looking for early 90s anti-Halloween video

OK, my buddy Kyle is looking for a video that he saw on a local Christian channel (or cable access) in Chicago around 1992. It was an anti-Halloween film that included trick-or-treating children being kidnapped by Satanists. At the climax of the film, a cop (or priest) (or priest-cop) confronts the head Satanist and points a gun at him. "By the power of Satan, I command that gun not to fire," says the head Satanist. "By the power of Jesus, I command this gun to fire," says the cop-priest. And fire it does.

If you know this video or have any leads, let me know.

This doesn't help identify the video, but it's just funny: Kyle and his friends were drinking when they watched this on TV, so at the end of the movie, they called the local church number listed on-screen to argue with the Christians about the co-opting of pagan holidays. Kyle's friend who did the talking was Jewish enough (or drunk enough) that he couldn't remember when Christmas was.

"And further-more, Jesus was not born on December 20!" he crowed triumphantly.

"Exactly, sir," agreed the hotline volunteer.