So I'm supposed to be writing drunk, butr I'm not really. Mostly, I'm writing tired. I mean, I had two beers with dinner at Cleo's (a 312 and a Newcastle), but that was at 4 pm and we did some shopping (Rotofugi! Alcala!) before we went to Dessa Kirk's studio for the Fast Forward showing. Because Dessa's studio is so far southwest from us, and we're not so familar with the neighborhood, we hung out near Atomix for as long as we could after we dropped off the movies, with the above-mentioned eating and shopping, but then we ran out of things to do, headed for Dessa's and ended up getting there about two hours early. We helped Sean and Atom set up chairs, so they gave me a Sam Adams. I drank it kind of fast, so then my stomach was feeling a little bloopy and so I didn't drink anything else through the showing, which started rather late.

We had two movies in the festival, which is enough of a story and I've got pictures and stuff, so I'll wait to tell that when I upload the movies and stuff. But suffice to say that one of the films came in second in the festival, which is pretty freakin' awesome.

We left whatever neighborhood Kedzie & Lake is and took the Green Line back downtown and then the Red Line up to Belmont in time to catch the very tail end of Don't Spit the Water. But we were really there to see A Demon Who Never Appeared, another Blewt production run by our friend Jared (and Kumail -- no offense to him, it's just Jared's our friend so that's how I reference it). It's a variety show with a through-line featiuring the characters who run the show -- Dr. Kumail, Maestro Hannah, Colonel Wigspliter, and the Demon. We've been meaning to see it for months and never have, so it was good to see the show tonight. Funny stuff. I drank a Fat Tire during the show. One of the big bottles. But that show also started late, so it was nearly two by the time we got out. We'd heard that Scot Goodhart and Holly Gibson were having their engagement party at the Holiday Club, but we were worried that the HC might close at two, so we just came home.

And I know that for NaDruWriNi you're not supposed to edit and I'm making a looooot of typos, but I think that, even fully rested/sober, that the way I type is to make a ton of typos and then immediately backspace over them and correct. I'd have to make a strong effort to leave the typos in.

So I grabbed a glass of pear brandy to sip while I'm typing this (really, a shot glass, but glass sounds classier. And I am sipping, not shooting. That'd really be a waste of good brandy.) The bottle of Malort was sitting there saying, "You're already being dumb by drinking something probably minutes before you go to bed, so why not be really stupid and drink me." But I resisted.

And now it's very late -- we were up until 2 or 3 last night shooting the FFFF footage, and then got up at 8 this morning to edit it -- so it's been a long day. Like I said, more NaSleWriNi than NaDruWriNi. So, to bed, I guess.