If you're like me, you thought the best commercial of the Super Bowl was the Nanerpus commercial that was so rudely interrupted by some Denny's nonsense. Until we can get our own Nanerpocti, here's some desktop backgrounds for you. Each thumbnail below links to a 1024x768 image -- you know how to set a picture as your desktop background, don't you?

Nanerpus Desktop 1 Nanerpus Desktop 2
Nanerpus Desktop 3 Nanerpus Desktop 4

"It's Nanerpus! You can call me the Nanerpus, Nanerpus. And guess what? I love pancakes!"

Wait, you want an iPhone ringtone, too? OK.

Update: By popular (well, two people) request: a Nanerpus mp3. (I've repeated the Nanerpus song three times to make it a suitable ringtone length.)