Need a TV?

Sony Wega

Hey, do you need a big, old, heavy tube TV? How about two?

I have two Sony Wega 27" "Flat Screen" TVs. (I put the term in quotes because the piece of glass at the front of the device is certainly very flat, but this is definitely not a nice thin LCD TV or anything -- it's a big, fat, heavy beast.) One is a KV-27FS100L and the other is a slightly different model number, but looks the same and has the same features. For this kind of TV, it's pretty nice. It has coax in, two sets of composite inputs, one S-video in, and even a component input and analog audio out. They're both in great shape. I have original remotes for both. Name your price. Heck, nobody but my friends read this anyway, so I'm sure I'll just end up giving it (them!) to you.