Shocking Expose!

Today is 7/11*, and so the company with the same name is giving away free Slurpees. Cleverly, the free size is a 7.11 ounce cup.

7.11+ oz

On the way home with my free Lemon Creme** Slurpee, I was thinking that 7 and a bit ounces is really all the Slurpee I want -- I drink sodas and sweet tea, but a Slurpee is a bit sweet even for me. And then I was thinking that 7.11 ounces is a pretty odd size -- is that some even number in metric or did 7-11 have cups custom made? Nope. A quick glance at the bottom of the cup reveals the shocking truth: you're actually getting 8 ounces!***

Exposed! 8 oz!

* In the U.S., anyway. In Europe I imagine the same promotion has to wait until November 7th.
** I still haven't found a 7-11 with the Watermelon-Lime flavor that Coudal said was so good.
*** I only just noticed the little plus symbol beside the 7.11 when I was posting this picture.