Time Keeper Willis Deluxe Action Figures

I've long been fascinated by repurposed or custom action figures. Noah has given us two different amazing gifts of our giant Pez heads and two Munnies. And years ago, someone gave Jason Chin a Jason Chin-action figure that was, as far as I know, just a re-packaging of an existing figure, and with my limited artistic skills I've always wanted to do that sort of thing for someone.

I happened on these dollar store wrestler action figures, with a folding chair as a prop, no less, and instantly thought "Time Keeper Willis". The mace became a wireless mic and I made TKW's big clock out of a button and gold elastic. It looks really good around his neck (I should have taken pictures when I had it out of the packaging) but I was so enamored with using the molded blister pack that I had to tuck the clock in to the side.

The timing worked out well to give copies to Bryan, Steve, and Paul as this is the one-year anniversary of our pilot airing. Remember when we were on TV? Yeah, that was cool.

Time Keeper Willis Deluxe Action Figure - back

Time Keeper Willis Deluxe Action Figure - front