Unexpectedly in DC

It's pretty gauche to complain about travel delays - Louis CK hit the nail right on the head with his recent 'everything's amazing, nobody's happy' routine* - but here I am at (well, on the tarmac of) Dulles airport in DC, on my way to NY. And hey, I'm glad** we're being safe — bad weather and a series of perfectly reasonable choices left us with too little fuel and so we've landed here to refuel and wait for La Guardia to reopen — but it would have to be the one time I'm actually on a schedule and in a bit of a rush. This was already an emergency work trip and everyone's hope was that I'd be able to fix the problems before the start of business on Monday. The hope of that fades the closer we get to Monday...

Oh good, to mollify us, they're going to play '17 Again'.

Update: My god, if there's a city on earth to arrive tired and hungry at 1 am, New York City is it. Traffic was light and my cab got me right into Manhattan and I found a Yelp-recommended street vendor just a block away from my hotel which has filled me up with delish chicken, gyro, and rice.

(Funny thing: the street vendor's website says "Part of the secret to this delicious meal is in the white sauce. Nobody knows what it is, but everybody knows to ask for lots of it." I thought to myself "c',mon, this is New York. Surely everyone knows what tzitzikas is." I get to the cart and two meatheads are ahead of me, asking the guy "Hey man, what's the white sauce?")

* In case you're not familiar, I'll update with a link when I can.
** There's a woman sitting in front of me who argued at length with two of the flight attendants. As best I could understand her complaint, it was that because she had a home 'weather station', the airline should never have unexpected weather conditions.