Yes Wii Can, redux

Yes Wii Can

I can't let it rest, because there are other Barack Obama Miis being posted on Check Mii Out, but they're just not as good as the one Erica made. I've determined this scientifically, people. (Also, I finally got the export from Mii Editor to work so I could bring you this high-quality version. Print out your own poster at work on the work color printer. Your employer will thank you!)

To get Erica's go to Check Mii Out, Posting Plaza, Popular, Search (the magnifying glass), Change (the circular arrows), and then enter the entry number 4764-4332-9025.

And heck, why not T-Shirts too? Combine your support for Barack Obama and your love for the Nintendo Wii on a high quality(?) Cafe Press t-shirt.