366 Cartoons - 093 to 104

I've been on a massive roadtrip with Erica for the last week and a half, so I've been drawing my daily cartoons but haven't had a scanner nor steady internet to post them. So here's a catch-up.

366 Cartoons - 093 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

Erica is actually a lot more supportive than Schmerica about me getting one of these done each day. And Erica wrote a couple of new jingles for the above-pictured hotel.

366 Cartoons - 094 - Waffle House

As soon as we get just a hair south of Chicago, boom, Waffle Houses everywhere. There were two in a mile in Biloxi.

366 Cartoons - 095 - Diving Guys

I hope you can tell that that's a shared air line, since that's kinda the crux of the joke.

366 Cartoons - 096 - Diving Guys

For this one, I actually did some photo research, as opposed to the from-memory look the day before.

366 Cartoons - 097 - Corona

I'm not sure this one makes any sense.

366 Cartoons - 098 - Coyote and Raven

The Change Raise scam.

366 Cartoons - 099 - Bee

We got to meet Christopher and Katie's bees. Pictures soon.

366 Cartoons - 100 - Fleep Floop Flam

Oh, good. One hundred cartoons is a nice milestone, so I'm glad it was a really good one that day.

366 Cartoons - 101 - Day in DC

This is just what it was like, walking around Washington, DC.

366 Cartoons - 102 - Crabby

366 Cartoons - 103 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

366 Cartoons - 104 - Parker and Latte

If you can't read any of those, click on the cartoon to go to Flickr and you should have the "all sizes" button and then you can embiggen it. Sorry to make you do the work -- it's late.