366 Cartoons - 123 to 128

366 Cartoons - 123 - Pig of Failure

"I'm the pig of failure," I scrawled and tossed the notebook back on the nightstand. "It's not a real failure," Erica said, "it'd be a real failure if you didn't draw anything." So that's what the cat is saying. I'm a winner, indeed.

366 Cartoons - 124 - Banana Costume

I mean, wouldn't you leave the banana suit on for a walk through Wrigleyville on a Saturday night?

366 Cartoons - 125 - Guided Horse Ride

Two days in a row, reality-based.

366 Cartoons - 126 - Zombie Comix

Zombies. That's all.

366 Cartoons - 127 - My Evening

You'll probably need to see the large size to read my self-pity.

366 Cartoons - 128 - Coyote and Raven

And on this one you might need the large size to read the brilliant dialogue.