366 Cartoons - 130 to 132

366 Cartoons - 130 - Coyote and Raven

I drew this one in the guest book at Rebecca Hanson and Tim Ryder's wedding on Friday night-- a major component of the reception buffet was a mashed potato bar. Among other things, that means that this is, I think, the first one of the series that I don't have. I'm such an archivist/pack-rat, that's a hard thing for me to let go of.

366 Cartoons - 131 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

It was, in fact, Miss Teen South Carolina on Tosh.0 who said "outer body experience," but since she was on for Tosh's "Web Redemption" feature, I thought it best not to kick her when she was down, so I made the villain of the comic a generic "he". Those sorts of malapropisms do bug me, though. Stabby!

(Need a large size for dialog legibility?)

366 Cartoons - 132 - Schmuzzy and Schmerica

This comic is, unfortunately, two-thirds true. And then, in some sort of dramatic irony, the comic about the day ended up requiring the most post-production work of any comic so far, trying to get all that dialogue to fit. I really should look into how people layout their words and word bubbles, instead of forcing both of you faithful readers to decipher my chicken scratch.

(You're definitely going to need the large size of this one, if you want to read any of it. Unless your eyes are reeely good.)