366 Cartoons - 296 to 301

Catching up from a week with the fam.

366 Cartoons - 296 - Gobble, Gobble

Guess what day I drew this one? Guess! Guess!

366 Cartoons - 297 - Robo-tussin

Credit goes to Disco for singing a lyric (MC Chris?) that inspired this one.

366 Cartoons - 298 - Batman

366 Cartoons - 299 - Andy Rooney

The worst part of The Amazing Race is tuning in early and catching Andy Rooney grumping about the way the world has changed since he was a child in the early Pleistocene.

366 Cartoons - 300 - Fang

I found Fang in a box of puppets at my parent's place. Was he mine? The age (from a copyright date on his tag) seems right, but I have such a terrible memory. Anyway, it's good that he's where my sister's kids can play with him.

(large size)

366 Cartoons - 301 - The Dance

From the judges description of a moment during a dance on So You Think You Can Dance?