A good meal: Rudy's Taste

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originally posted on Metroblogging Chicago

Ever have the problem where the first thing you try at a restaurant is so great that you don't want to try anything else on the menu because it might be good, but maybe it won't be as great as that first thing? That's where I am with the jibarito at Rudy's Taste. The jibarito is a Puerto Rican sandwich with steak, pork (my choice), ham or chicken, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese and, and this is the kicker, instead of bread it's served on flattened, fried plantains. Soooo good.

I was sitting in Rudy's Taste this weekend, waiting for my takeout jibaritos and people eating in were getting served some great looking grilled things ("Rudy's Taste -- Guatemalan, Caribbean & Mexican Food, Grilled Specialties") but would they be as superior as a jibarito? I decided not to risk it. And the trying-something-else stakes are already high since Rudy's is not in my neighborhood at all and once I am down at Division and Ashland I'm giving up a chance to have one of my other favorite foods in Chicago, a steak burrito at La Pasadita (I like the one at 1140).

Rudy's Taste
1024 N Ashland
Closed Wednesdays (that's bit me in the ass before)