A little touch of home

Town Hall found pictureSo today's edition of NTK (a techy news & gossip newsletter from the UK) has a reference to an archive of found pictures. I'm browsing the dozens of pictures from all over the world and then I said to myself, "Hey, I know that sign... and those tattoos. That's the Town Hall Pub."

The Town Hall has four things to recommend it: plenty of Grateful Dead in the jukebox (if that's a good thing to you), friendly staff, cheap shots, and... it's close to a theater (and theater people like their drinking).

The Town Hall is just down the street from the old WNEP Theater space, so it was our usual hang-out after shows (and I believe Town Hall is still the sponsor of WNEP's Theatre League Softball team). And now that The Playground is in that space, it's become that theater's post-show spot.

And one of the Town Hall's patrons needs to be a little more careful about which directory of their harddrive they open up for P2P sharing.