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BSV Coronation

Erica and @Zulkey giving Schützen Verein realness

Back in December the Brandenberger Schützen Verein (the German pellet-gun shooting club I'm a member of), held our annual King and Queen shoot where we choose our club's royalty for the next year by the rather random method of shooting at a plywood eagle. But the coronation of our King and Queen didn't happen until this weekend. This was the club's 20th coronation, but my first and it was quite a thrill to experience all the pageantry (and weirdness) of a German-American banquet and ceremony.

We invited all the other Schützen Vereins in the region and Peoria Sport Verein (Peoria, IL), Deutsch-Amerikanischer Schützenverein (Auburn Hills, MI), and Schützenverein St. Louis (St. Louis, MO) all came out for the event.

In the morning was a shooting competition at the DANK Haus with teams from each club vying for the Brandenberger Traveling Cup (spoiler: it's still traveling). The last time I mentioned the BSV I noted that I was not being a great club member in terms of meetings and other such club duties. Well, this time I showed up at 7 am to help set up and make dozens of open-faced sandwiches to feed all our guests.

And then last night we had a grand banquet out in Buffalo Grove at the Schwaben Center. The uniforms! The food! The music! The royalty!

Photos by me.
Zulkey's post about the evening



Do you need to be German to join? I've been looking for something to do - noticed there's one up here - and wouldn't mind shooting stuff.


Not at all -- my two friends who joined with me are English and American-mutt. And actually our King and Queen this year were both born in the Czech Republic.

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