Chicago Metblog Closing Down

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My blogging home-away-from-home since 2004 has been the Chicago Metblog and it's just been announced that the whole network of 57 cities is closing down at the end of the month. Personally it's all a little weird—if you go check out the posts over there, you'll see that it's been effectively dormant since last summer. As the "city captain" for Chicago, that's my responsibility and it's been at the back of my head for months that I needed to find someone with time and energy who wanted to revive the Chicago site to hand off my captaincy to. But I've been stymied from even starting that search by the thought of how many great group blogs there already are in Chicago. Maybe Chicago doesn't need the Metblogs. Some of those other 56 cities do, though, so I'm really sad about the network going away. And maybe, bad thoughts whisper in the back of my head, it's my fault the whole thing is going down the tubes since I didn't keep Chicago (6th most active site in the network, even with a year off) running smoothly. I'm guessing it's not just me, but it stings nonetheless.

I've got a post up over on the site for reminisces and so on, though of course it'll only be up for a week.