Flag Football with the Bears

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Fuzzy and Shaun run like footballs

Shaun and Kristen invited us along to a thing tonight where we got to go out to the Bears practice facility and play flag football with two Bears players as the coaches of our teams. Shaun and Kristen and our friend Tim all play flag football in a league and they were all really good. Even for a non-sporty like myself*, it was fascinating to be in that space. It was quite fun, until some people on the other team took it all a little seriously and Erica got tackled twice. After the second time, she sat out the rest of the game with an ice pack on her butt. That was not so great.

After the game we went down to Halas Hall and had dinner in the players cafeteria. I love being behind-the-scenes and seeing small details like players’ lunches stacked up in a special cooler, and posters advising players to continue their education. We watched the first bits of Monday Night Football, drank a Miller Lite, and then headed back to the city to nurse our wounds.

Erica got injured

*Athletics, yes. Sports, not so much.

Update: Erica’s great writeup of the night and her injuries.