I o Chicago

Erica in an I O Chicago shirt

The Virgin Megastore is carrying these shirts now, so I got Erica and myself ones. I had been looking for one ever since I read this article in the NewCity (it's out of date, by the way, the shirts are no longer available at the MCA).

When I read the article I was amazed that anyone could have that strong of a reaction to such an abstract design, but since I've been wearing it around, it's gotten the most comments of any t-shirt I've ever worn (and I like to think I wear interesting t-shirts).

No one has expressed distain or hatred of the shirt -- mostly they're trying to parse it into a sentence:

  • I dot Chicago?
  • I circle Chicago?
  • Is that a Blue Man Group thing?
  • Is that an IO thing?
  • I go around Chicago?
  • I blew Chicago?