AYUMDS --> Movie 2.0

We had our first AYUMDS rehearsal last night. I had assigned the cast homework of coming up with possible titles for the show, and the main contenders were Dub, Movie 2.0, and Dubby McDubDub and the Angry Giant. I had a quick meeting with Producer Megan this morning and we settled on Movie 2.0, with Homer's tagline "You took the words right out of my movie."

We were scheduled have rehearsal at the Playground, and I had planned out some exercises to transition the cast from "standing-up and moving around" improv to "sitting around and just using our voices" improv. But the Playground was double-booked and the other event won, so we had the rehearsal in my living room. Which precluded doing any "standing-up and moving around" improv at all.

I have confess that, even though I knew about the venue change on Friday afternoon, I somehow (please see "emotional rollercoaster" below) managed not to plan for a all-sitting-down rehearsal. So the first few minutes of rehearsal were a little rough (pattern games? What was I thinking?). Bad director, no cookie.

But we did a bat and that went well (note: it's hard to take notes on the bat. Because it's dark.) And then dove right in to watching scenes from The Phantom Creeps and dubbing them. We learned a lot in just a few hours about what kinds of skills we'll need to work on. Overall, a great start.