Cast cast

(noun and verb, get it?)

Yesterday we had the AYUMDS auditions. It was hard to pick just 6 people, so I picked 7. And it was hard to pick just those 7. There were lots of great auditions. All day I've been walking around with the nagging feeling of "Yeah, the people we cast are great, but people I didn't pick were great, too. Why can't I have a cast of 17?"

The great and horrible thing about improv auditions is that you're not selecting for specific parts. Instead of a rather specific "we've got our Hamlet and our Polonius, now we just need to pick the right Gertrude, etc." it's a very squishy question of "goodness" and "energy levels" and "kinds of play." And in the case of this show, "funny voices".

The cast we cast:
Andrea Swanson
Dan Izzo
Emily Dugan
Homer Marrs
Michael Starcevich
Phillip Mottaz
Trish Conlon