Cinema 2.0 just gets better and better. I swear.

We finally had a decent-sized house this weekend. 25 or 30 people, I think. (I'm awful at estimating numbers of people. You'd think I'd be better after staring at audiences for so many years. But I'm not.)

The movie was One-Eyed Jacks, a Marlon Brando Western. The Marlon Brando Western. As part of her efforts to promote the show, Megan dug up a ton of One-Eyed Jacks trivia.

I asked for a suggestion of a petty crime and got "loitering." So rather than being a fearsome bank robber, Marlon Brando (as voiced by Dan Izzo) became a convicted loiterer. Just before the show, Dan was trying out his bad-on-purpose Marlon Brando impression, but at the suggestion of some others in the cast he used his awkward-teenager-with-braces voice, which I think made it 200% funnier.

Last week's movie had a cast of dozens, often with six or seven people on screen at the same time. This movie, especially after I cut it down from the original two and a half hours, is very much a three-person show (Brando, Karl Malden, and the girl -- brilliantly played by Trish as a French exchange student who couldn't speak French). So I was very happy that everyone got in some great bits as minor characters who were only on-screen for a line or two.