Yay! Cinema 2.0 opened last night and went very, very well.

The movie we did was Laser Mission, a confusing mess of an action movie, starring Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son) near the beginning of his ill-fated career and Ernest Borgnine phoning in his role to pay the rent.

The suggestion was Marrakech (the city in Morocco), which got treated very lightly. That is, the cast mentioned Marrakech once or twice but it didn't affect the course of the show that much. Don't get me wrong -- it was still all improvised, but I wonder what the audience thought.

In the plot that developed, Brandon Lee's character was a chef, fighting through hordes of competitors to cater a bar mitzvah. Hi-larious.

The band sounded great. The cast sounded great. One character got dropped, but someone else picked it up right away, so there were only a few seconds of mouths moving on screen with no voices. Noah did a great job on gun shots and cymbol crashing (the only two sound effects we have). The audience was smallish, but totally into the show. My friend Merrie stopped by in the middle of the show to drop off opening night flowers (thanks!) and was surprised when I told her later that there were only 15 or so people there. "From the lobby, it sounded like a full house," she said.