Gerdes Christmas 2006

Gerdes-Gollub Family Portait Christmas 2006

For Christmas, Erica and I made the not-as-bad-as-we-expected-given-the-state-of-air-travel trip down to my folks' place in Austin, Texas. We had a few days with just my parents before Heidi and Marc and the kids returned from Canada. About as exciting as we got was visiting the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and seeing Django's Mustache who are, as my brother correctly called it, much better guitar technicians than showmen.

The Gollubs had a much-worse-than-expected trip with their flight out of Winnepeg getting canceled and they ended up spending most of Christmas Day in the Minneapolis airport. But Boxing Day was fun and we did Christmas crackers. Heidi translated all of the French jokes for us.