In just a few hours I'm going to get in a car with Erica and three other members of KOKO and hit the road for New York. KOKO is going to be performing at the Del Close Improv Marathon (they perform Saturday, 7/31, at 2:30 pm).

Originally I was just going to tag along to visit New York and support KOKO at their show and see a little improv. Then Kurt called -- because so many people from around the country were going to be in town for the DCM, Neutrino was opening up their Friday night show to members of the other Neutrino project casts. Would anyone from the Chicago Neutrino Project be in New York on Friday night? Well, me (and Andrea Swanson). So we'll both be part of the Neutrino Video Project show on Friday night at 10 pm 9:30 pm at the PIT (154 W. 29th St., between 6th and 7th Ave).

Then Asaf called. "I see you're going to be in New York on Friday. Would you like to sit-in with The Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard?" But, of course. So I'll be the "bartender" in the New York SFSIEH, also at the PIT, Friday night at 11 pm.

Two shows -- not bad for "just tagging along". (I looooove getting invited to do shows. I don't know if people assume I'm too busy, or if they just think I'm a talentless hack, but I don't get asked to do shows very often. So ask me to do your show, bucko!)

Saturday night we'll be seeing Avenue Q -- I'm looking forward to some foul-mouthed puppets. And Sunday morning it's back in the KOKO-mobile to return to Chicago. I'm taking a wireless laptop, but we'll see if I have time or inclination to post anything.