Bezeus Calendar


Our friend Noah has made a 2006 Calendar featuring his Bezeus And Friends characters parodying fine art pieces. Some (most? all?) of his characters are based on his friends, or on characters that they play. Mouse Beard Fred, for example, is a character I created in a one-man improv show some time ago, and Weensie is based on Erica's Cutie Bumblesnatch. So the July image, above on the left, is Mouse Beard Fred (and a barely visible Weensie) replicating Goya's The Colossus (above, right). The whole thing took Noah longer than I think he thought it would, because he really painted all the paintings -- no easy Photoshop work here (hey Noah, why no easy Photoshop work?). So treat yourself to a hand-crafted calendar this year.

Oooh, and if you want to have a odd version of me-as-a-character peer out at you from your bumper or chest or coffee mug, why all of those are available, too.