Don't Spit the Water

We* have just started a Kickstarter campaign to help us film a proper TV pilot for Don't Spit the Water, our crazy live game show.

We did the show as a live show in an open run at the Playground for four years and we're really proud of the show and think it's a concept and framework that really has legs. Over the years, we've had a lot of chances to pitch the show to a variety of networks, and had a lot of near-misses. And maybe that's OK, because anyone who bought the show from us would likely change it all up. So now, Steve has had few pieces of luck come together, and he's screwed his courage to the sticking place, and we're going to film a pilot ourselves, the way we want to. We've got a guarantee from Weigel Broadcasting (they do The U and Me TV here in Chicago) that if we produce a broadcast-quality show, they'll air it on one of their stations. We've got a for-reals production company lined up to do us up right with multiple cameras, good lighting, sound and all that. But of course, even pulling in as many favors as we can, that costs money. So, the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is a site that helps project starters and donors connect. A big benefit to donors is that you can be sure that your money isn't wasted if the project doesn't go forward -- Kickstarter takes your pledge but then only collects the money if the whole amount has been pledged. The other benefit is the rewards we're giving to people for the different pledge levels—things like I Want to Draw a Cat for You drawings, Threadless gift certificates, tickets to the pilot taping, or best of all, getting to be one of the contestants in the taping.

I've been slow writing this post, and we're already 1/3 of the way to our goal!

* In this context, we = Blewt Productions, the Steve Gadlin-helmed group that includes a number of our friends, Erica, and myself.