Impress These Apes finale tonight

Erica Reid

It's been a long two month journey, but the finale of Impress These Apes is tonight. Among other embiggenings, the show has left the cozy comfort of the Playground for the grandeur of the Lakeshore Theater (3175 N Broadway). So if you've ever skipped coming to the show because I'd mentioned that the show was selling out, this is the week for you.

Erica's in third place, 9 points behind the leader, but the apes keep saying it's anyone's game. Erica's put together another very Erica Reid-y piece. Sometimes the judges have grooved on that (like the magic challenge), and sometimes they have not (like the film), so we'll see what they think tonight. Either way, I'm incredibly proud of her for completing all seven challenges so far. Good luck, sweetheart.

After the jump I've collected all of the videos of Erica's first seven weeks of Impress These Apes:

Week 1, write a song introducing yourself and accompany yourself on an instrument:

Week 2, perform standup comedy:

Week 3, choreograph and perform a dance to a randomly assigned song:

Week 4, perform a magic act:

Week 5, randomly paired up with another contestant and randomly assigned a song from an existing musical, write and perform an original scene that leads into that song:

Week 6, perform a piece of protest performance art:

Week 7, film a 3 minute short subject: