My weekend

Will telling you what I'm going to do this weekend influence what you might do this weekend? I can only hope.

Tonight (10/21) I'm headed to the opening night of the Camenae Ensemble Theatre Company's Can You Hear Their Voices? at Steep Theatre (3902 N Sheridan). Erica's in the show, so I am assured it will be amazing. The show runs Thursday to Sunday through November 21, so you'll have plenty of chances to see it.

Friday night (10/22), I'll be picking up my topic for the Fast Forward Film Festival and then heading over to see FuzzyCo's musical director Ben Taylor play with Marydee Reynolds at Martyrs' (3855 N. Lincoln Ave), opening for the Twinemen (featuring ex-members of Morphine). Ben sez "It'll be some stripped down rocking, sort of swampy, all good. Come on down, or up as the case may be."

Saturday night (10/23) is a full one. At 8 pm I'll be on stage with Chicago Comedy Co at The Playground (3209 N Halsted) (Diva, Ohio, and Malice also perform). Meanwhile, the short film that I will have made Friday night and Saturday for the Fast Forward Film Festival will be playing at Wesley Kimler's Gallery (2046 West Carroll). And at midnight it's back to The Playground for the Belmont Burlesque Revue (I'm not performing, just supporting).

Sunday night (10/24) I have a date. Go find something to do on your own.

Monday night (10/25) (OK, I realize we're not techinically in the "weekend' anymore, but work with me here) Bare will be performing at Bird's Nest Bar (2500 N Southport) with 3 standup comedians and another improv group. We did this same show last week and I have to say that it was a little rough, mainly because there was hardly anyone there (it was game 6 of the Red Sox-Yankees series). But you can help change that. And let me entice you with a cheap $3 cover, $1 tacos, and $2 PBRs. And great wings. And I'll probably be so happy to see you at the show that I'll buy you one of those $2 PBRs.