A couple of weeks ago I took a bunch of photos of KOKO for them to use as PR shots. #278 on my nigh-infinite list of projects is a portfolio on this site to advertise that I do that kind of work. For now, you can see one of the shots on the page listing the groups that will be performing on the showcase stage of the Chicago Improv Festival on April 30 at 9 pm.

Also, Steev has posted a chunk of photos I took at last week's Don't Spit the Water!. Having mentioned in the last paragraph that I'm pimping myself out for photo work, I feel compelled to mention that I took those shots sitting off to the side of the stage, with my tiny-but-not-very-fancy camera, and whilst drinking. (Tools do not equal talent, but that little camera is not so great with the theater lighting.) Whee! Is that Peter De Giglio, star of WNEP's Let There Be Light, trying not to spit the water? I believe it is.

And speaking of Cutie Bumblesnatch, if you're planning on seeing DSTW! primarily to see Cutie (aka Erica) then you'll want to skip tonight and next week -- Erica's dad is off to MD Anderson for some more tests (boo, cancer. boo, I say) and my good egg of a girlfriend is going along for moral support.

If you're going to see DSTW! just to see people try not to spit water (which is a fine reason) then go, go!

And, since I guess this has turned into a what-you-could-do-this-weekend post, I'll mention that the above-mentioned LTBL is closing this weekend (I'll be there) and Saturday night, just in time for Easter, is the Belmont Burlesque Revue's Seven Deadly Sins Pagaent. For the first time in several months, I'm not performing any comedy at the BBR and so you'll find me in the audience, likely with a drink in one hand and a camera in the other.