Regrowth Product - Regrowth: Katrina

We have a lot of Threadless t-shirts at FuzzyCo HQ, but this is the coooooolest ever. For every $10 Regrowth: Katrina tshirt that they sell, they're going to give $20 to the Red Cross (up to $50,000). As I write this, they're on a second printing of the shirts and are up to $34,540. (And which also means you should likely be patient as they deal with 2000 orders in one day.)

Update: They're over $50,000, which means that from now on it's just the $10 per shirt going to the Red Cross. Which is still excellent. As I write this, they're up to $76,390.00, which, by my quick calculation, means 5139 t-shirts. Good job, Threadless.

Update: So close! They've decided to cap it at $100,000 (7500 shirts) and they're at $93,240 right now. Why don't you just click on over and order the last 676 shirts?