So... hire my girlfriend. Please.

So Erica was an Assistant Ticket Services Manager at the Goodman Theatre for almost 5 years, pretty much since she moved to Chicago, and she loved the people there and was very good at her job, but she woke up one morning (or a bunch of mornings, actually) and said, "If I don't quit this job soon, I'll be in Ticket Services for the rest of my life, and that's not what I want to do."

So she gave two months notice (like I said, she really liked the Goodman and didn't want to leave them in a lurch) and went and talked to a staffing agency that a number of her friends has recommended. They told her that two months was really too far out to start looking, and to come back a few weeks before she left the Goodman.

Well, just before Erica's last day, her dad got some bad news about his cancer and began to plan a trip to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas for some more tests. Erica decided her new joblessness was a God-send and went along with her parents. Which, from a family- and emotional health- and living your life right-perspective was great. But it did set her job-hunting back a few weeks.

Now that she's back in Chicago, she's been working with that staffing agency, interviewing up a storm and working temp jobs, but nothing has clicked yet. So... if you know anyone who's looking for a swell gal with excellent project management, personal management, and general office (Word, Excel, databases, etc.) skills, and ton of personality and enthusiasm, let her know.