This weekend

Some weekend suggestions from FuzzyCo HQ:

The exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo that Kate did all the art for has opened. You can go visit anytime the zoo is open, but we're headed over tonight to gawk.

Tomorrow (Saturday) night at 10:30 is opening night for the new run of Don't Spit the Water. You'd be a fool not to go. Reason for non-foolishness Number One - the three comedians are all great - Erica as Cutie Bumblesnatch, Robert Buscemi as Earl LaRue, and Nick Vatterott as The Interragator. Reason of non-foolishness Number Two - Sasha and the Noob puppets. Most Important Reason Number Three - this show only is FREE.

And hey, if you've made it out to the Playground to see a FREE show, you might as well stick around and pay for Documentary South at midnight. Chris Biddle said, "The cast is confident and smart. ... The Documentary Style of play also works, really, really well. ... I really, really enjoyed myself at the show. I am recomending the show, without reservations. ... Do yourself a favor and check it out. ... Congrats cast and crew on a genuinely entertaining show. It's the good stuff." And he should know, because he's on the Internet.