Junior Varsity

I got a great email yesterday, inviting me to participate in an qualifying match of Layer Tennis this Friday before the main match (noonish, I believe). I instantly accepted and then went and asked my boss if I could have the afternoon off. And then... well, why don't I let my cartoon of the day tell you about my mental state:

366 Cartoons - 016 - Fuzzy and Projects

I'm pretty firmly in stage two right now. I mean, I've talked a lot of smack about Layer Tennis competitors over the last two seasons and now it's my turn to face the criticism. And my opponent is a real designer and all and what am I? I'm an actor/video editor/server admin who dabbles. I dabble! And FuzzyCo is a mess! I should have cleaned up if I knew I was going to be having company!

Whew. Gotta talk myself down. You'll be fine, Fuzzy. You'll be fine.