Eating our way across the South - Waffle House

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Waffle House

Shaun has a little jingle he sings that goes, "There's always someone incompetent at Papa John's" and I think we might have to add a second verse for Waffle House. We ate at Waffle House once in Vicksburg and they were out of hash browns. You know, their specialty (after waffles, I suppose). And in Missouri (or Arkansas -- the trip back is something of a blur) we had dinner at a Waffle House that was, well, it was a litany of problems -- the place was freezing, they were out of buttermilk waffles, the employees spent most of their time smoking and yelling at various people on the phone about the place being freezing, we had to interrupt our waitress' cell phone call to get our drinks, they got my hashbrown order wrong, and let's not even get into the gross things they grill cook was doing.

Anyhoo, the bacon was good.

I was also disappointed to see that newer Waffle House are replacing their traditional signs, where each letter is it's own box (as pictured above), with signs that are a single piece of plastic, with black lines around the letters. I mean, it's their logo -- you'd think they'd care about the brand more. But then, if they cared, the heat would be on.