Eating our way across the South - Rowdy's

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catfish at Rowdy's

I've been hearing about the catfish at Rowdy's for years, but this trip was the first chance I'd had to actually try it -- and it was worth the wait. I had the newish "thin and crispy" style, which is more to my taste, anyway. I also tried a bite of Erica's more traditional style and it was just as tasty. The corn-bread hush puppies and yeast rolls were both excellent and we plowed through an extra basket of them. We dipped everything in the house "Nosser’s dressing" which was kinda like thousand island (maybe? I'm terrible at identifying dressings) and rather tasty.

Erica loves the other house specialty, batter fries, but I found them a little too mushy and bready for my taste. As I said, I'm a bit more of a crispy fan.

The atmosphere is very comfortable, but there's a pervasive attitude that you are a regular, which can be a bit tricky even for locals like my hosts -- we didn't get full menus until we specifically asked if we could order something other than the specials of the day, and our meals came with dessert but again we had to ask to discover that the desserts were sitting out on a table.