Eating our way across the South - Taco Casa, Shipley's, SnoBiz

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Shipley's Do-Nuts

Erica and I talk about food a lot, and so I've gotten to hear a lot about the food of her youth. This trip I've finally gotten the chance to check off some of these flavors. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to put Taco Casa and Shipley's Do-Nuts in the "must be Erica's food nostalgia" category. Taco Casa is a Mexican food franchise headquartered in Kansas and it's pure what-Americans-in-the-70s-thought-Mexican-food-was. And Shipley's has terrible coffee (but it's cheap!) and I found the glazed donuts (sorry, do-nuts) spongey. (A cinnamon twist wasn't too bad, though, and got bonus points for cinnamon-distribution throughout the dough itself.)

A childhood flavor that does live up to the hype Erica has been giving it is SnoBiz. SnoBiz is flavored shaved-ice, with some of the flavors (Erica's favorites) having added "Creme" (condensed milk, we're pretty sure). Early in our dating life, I bought Erica an ice-shaver and some flavored syrups, but she still craves the original. Usually when we come down to Mississippi it's for the winter* holidays, so the local SnoBiz stand is closed. Today we were at a mall (a sad, sad mall) in Jackson and there was a food stand that had official SnoBiz-brand SnoBizzes. We got small Blueberry Cobbler and a Strawberry Shortcakes (both Creme flavors). I nearly passed out from the sugar high, but I have to admit that it was tasty.

* Though winter should be in quotes, because it's usually in the 70s when we're down here.