Eating our way across the South - Chick-fil-A, Cups, Fusion

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Cups, Fusion, Chick-fil-a

I know there was a Chick-fil-A in the Columbia Mall of my Maryland youth, but for some reason I never went there. My first Chick-fil-A experience was with Erica, and it was founded in Atlanta, so it counts as Southern for me. I was so hungry this afternoon that we could have been eating cardboard and I think it would have been fine. Waffle fries are cool! And the lemonade is great.

Driving back from Madison this afternoon, I was getting sleepy and so I pulled over when I saw a sign that said "coffeehouse" -- coffee-culture has not really taken hold down here, so you take your opportunities where you can. Fusion makes a perfectly adequate regular cup of coffee.

Which meant that when we picked up Erica's parents and went to their usual Jackson coffee stop, Cups, I didn't get anything. So I can't review it. It smelled nice and coffee-y, though.