San Soo Gap San

Korean BBQ

I had Korean BBQ for the first time last week at San Soo Gap San (5247 N Western) and I'm an instant convert. When you order any of the main meat dishes, a glowing brazier of real charcoal coals in placed in the middle of your table and your meat comes delightfully marinated, but raw. So you grill the meat yourself, which means that the entire meal is accompanied by the sounds and smells of grilling meat. It also, of neccessity, spaces out the meat through the meal, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the copious banchan -- the cornucopia of small dishes that accompany the meal. There were, seriously, 15 or so small dishes. We had very little idea what anything was, but that was half the fun. It all makes for a very social meal I'd recommend for 3 to 6.

(Originally posted on Chicago Metblog: San Soo Gap San)