So some 18 year-old in England has decided to call his crappy* Flash game page "FuzzyCo" and has even copied my intercapping and managed to set his logo in a way that looks a lot like my usual logo. (Mine is always in Gadget, his is in Myriad Pro bold.)

What he's doing isn't illegal or anything, especially because he's in a different country, but it's definitely pretty gauche in this internationally-connected Internet age. I'd send him a polite "hey dude, why're you biting my logo?" email, but he doesn't list an email address on either of the webpages he's using this name on (you'll understand if I'm loathe to give him linkage) and I don't want to sign up for the crappy free web service he using just to be able to leave him a comment.

Boo, sir, boo.

* I'm sorry I went there, but really, they're pretty terrible.