What's in your bag?

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The tech blog Gizmodo runs a periodic feature called "What's in your gadget bag?" where they ask tech figures like Cory Doctorow, Glenn Fleishman and ... Dave Barry what kind of gear they haul around with them. A few hundred users of the Flickr photo sharing service are using the tag whatsinyourbag to share the same information with each other. I figured it'd be a good chance to clean out my bag to take everything out, take a picture, and join the crowd.

What's in my bag?

From left to right

Timbuk2 Commute bag with Strap Pad and iPod case
Sniff tissues
spare business cards and Playground discount coupons
Stereo headphones for Treo 600
no-W button from Dan
keys with garage door opener
Game Boy Advance SP (Fire Emblem inside)
extra GBA games: Advance Wars 2, Super Puzzle Fighter II, Donkey Kong Country, Warioland 4, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Sony DSC-U30 digital camera
ibuprofen & ibuprofen/pseudophedrine
Maglite Solitaire flashlight
iPod (20 GB) with Sennheiser MX400 headphones
Macally Podwave mini-speakers for iPod
Griffin iTalk microphone for iPod (I never use it)
PocketDock 6-pin Firewire and line-level adapter for iPod
lens cleaner cloth for glasses
spare batteries for digital camera
spare MemoryStick for digital camera
spare SD memory card for Treo 600
Handsfree headset for Treo 600
Glide dental floss
Garmin Geko 201 GPS (which has an exposed power button, so it always gets turned on in my bag, so it's always dead)
SmartDisk 30 GB Firewire harddrive
Moleskine pocket notebook
RCA to S-Video adapter for Powerbook
ziplock bag of change (got my bag a second look the last time I went through airport security)
Halls Defense Vitamin C lozenges
Sony 256 MB USB Drive
Kensington 256 MB USB Drive
Headphone adapter for Game Boy Advance SP
Stereo headphone adapter for Treo 600
Pens, mostly Uniball varieties and Sharpies
Treo 600 PDA/phone (I did a whole post about the software I have installed on it)

I used to carry a Gerber Recoil Auto-Plier and/or a Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool everywhere, but I keep taking them out of the bag to fly and then forgetting to put them back in.

And of course there's a book in there. Right now I'm reading Jeff Griggs' memoir of Del Close, Guru.