What's on your Treo 600, Fuzzy?

Sean Bonner asks what software he should be looking for the Treo 650 he (whistle, look at feet) might get for his birthday. I'll answer here with a list of what I have on my Treo 600:

AA Flights -- American Airlines is my company's standard airline, so I figured it'd be useful to have the timetables with me. Hasn't been useful yet, but you never know. (And I know it'll be even less useful to Sean.)

AIM -- it's nowhere near as nice as the AIM client on the Sidekick, but you can download a Palm version of AIM from AOL.uk

BackupBuddyVFS -- I was religiously syncing my Palm everyday, and then it died and lost all its data while I was on the road and so I couldn't restore for days until I got home. So I got BackupBuddyVFS Pro and the Palm auto-backs up every night at midnight to the SD card.

Bejeweled! and Bookworm -- hours of fun

Blocks -- Tetris for Erica.

-- you know, I never really got into this game, but I keep reinstalling it on every Palm I get.

FileZ -- for moving files to and from the SD memory card.

Galax -- I love me some Galaxian.

Kinoma -- a video player. The Pro version of the player plays mp4 files.

Klondike -- I'm pretty sure this came free with the Treo. I think it's a law that all platforms ship with a free version of Solitare.

MetrO -- a free, extensible public transport guide.

MovieRecorder & SoundRecorder -- I've never really used them. But I might!

mp3ringer -- because it is VERY important that I have Banana Phone as my ringtone. (I think I read that the 650 will have mp3 ringtone functionality built-in.)

NesEm & Phoinix -- I installed these, but I never really use them since I carry my GBA everywhere anyway.

PalmaSutra -- a naughty classic.

PocketTunes -- I mainly got this to make mp3 ringtones work, because I have an iPod.

pssh -- so I can SSH into fuzzyco.com to read my mail in PINE.

Qset -- to adjust the compression quality of jpegs produced by the built-in camera.

SFCave -- the world's simplest action game.

SnapperMail -- I only bought SnapperMail because the built-in Treo Mail app doesn't let you send an email without checking your email. I check with pssh, when I want to send an email I just want to quickly SEND it. I bought the Enterprise version because it does IMAP under the (see AA Flights, above) just-on-case theory.

Spaceward Ho! -- I used to play Spaceward Ho! for hours and hours and hours on my old Mac SE and IIsi -- often both, because it was the first multi-player game I ever played.

Strip -- to hold my passwords.

Vagablog -- promises to be a mobile blogging solution. I haven't gotten it to work yet.

VeriChat -- I'd probably use this if I used more than just AIM. But I don't. I should probably free up the space and delete it.

Web (Blazer 3.0) -- I just use the built-in browser and it's pretty OK.

I don't use Hand/RSS, because I just browse to Bloglines and they have a mobile-optimized version.

I got a 512 MB SD card for cheap with a rebate and it holds my backups and some time-shifted sitcoms for watching with Kinoma. And the combo USB cable/charger is much nicer to carry on the road than the cable with the wall wart.

In course of looking for the URLs for these products, I found a couple of other "what's on my Treo" lists and I'll probably be adding some of their listed apps soon.