You won't even miss it/Ask me to make you one the next time you're over

Two kinds of geekery here: technical and mixological. I disabled Trackback on the site a week ago -- Trackback is such a great idea, but the only Trackback pings I've gotten for months have been nasty, nasty spam. On Friday, Making Light announced that they also have disabled it, and, as a side note, gave a link to the recipe for the Sazerac -- a venerable New Orleans cocktail. Well, that led to a trip to Sam's Wine & Spirits over the weekend who, not surprisingly, had all of the somewhat-obscure ingredients to make the cocktail. There's nothing I like better than buying three or four 750 ml bottles to make one cocktail -- the back of the liquor cabinet is littered with an army of 7/8 full bottles leftover from similar experiments. In any case, Sunday night after a long day of packing and moving (thanks Jin and Shaun) and sorting and building and rehearsals, Erica and I sat down to a fancy Southern meal - KFC and Sazeracs. Delish.